Submersible pumps

Monobloc electric pumps

One pump for three different solutions: MBS -submersible pump, MBSH- version with suction base, multi-stage pump; MBS-L- booster pump. Applications: water supply from tanks or basins and from open or 6” wells for domestic, civil, agricultural use and where water pressurisation is required in general. The impellers in thermoplastic resin guarantee durability even when sand is present.

Technical specifications

Materials Performance
Stainless steel Flow max: 18 m3/h
Thermoplastic resin Prevalence Max: 113 m
  Power max: 4 kw

Radial electric pumps

NS 96 is the new range which replaces the NS 95 line, with next-generation hydraulic specifications for high performance and efficiency, all in a compact package. Components and materials designed to guarantee maximum reliability in demanding working conditions. Configuration designed to facilitate removal, maintenance and assembly operations.

Technical specifications

Materials Performance
Cast iron Flow max: 210 m3/h
Stainless steel Prevalence Max: 955 m
  Power max: 185 kw

Semi-axial electric pumps

A pump which has been thoroughly and extensively tested and trialled even for extreme applications, such as in the oil and gas sector, designed to guarantee the highest level of performance even in harsh environments, such as in mines and offshore applications. Investment-cast impellers and diffusers provide wear resistance along with the standard guide bushings and counter thrust ring. Also available in a horizontal version. Typical applications include agriculture, mining, offshore installations, civil and industrial uses. Each pump can be adapted from the standard configuration to meet a wide range of application requirements.

Technical specifications

Materials Performance
Cast iron Flow max: 725 m3/h
Bronze Prevalence Max: 196 m
Duplex Power max: 300 kw

Floating impellers

Submersible pump with floating impellers which allows the passage of sand up to 300 g/m³, ideal for boreholes with a diameter of less than 104 mm, for lifting, pressurisation and distribution in civil, agricultural and industrial systems. Also suitable for horizontal operation.

Technical specifications

Materials Performance
Polycarbonate Flow max: 12 m3/h
Noryl Prevalence Max: 390 m
Brass Power max: 7,5 kw
Stainless steel