Friday's Updates

Posted on 17/07/2020

✅ We sold to our client in Rome 2 beautiful monobloc centrifugal pumps FGP A25/160 directly designed and manufactured by FGS. The pumps will be serving the circulating of freshwater on the vessel.

✅ The most sold product this week was our own production three-screw pump and its spare parts. Competitive prices, ready from stock, and high quality are some of the perks of buying FGS products.

✅ We are proud to announce the beginning of the construction and expansion works in our warehouse and office. In a couple of months, we will have a bigger and more luxurious office space and additional space to stock all our products.

✅ We believe packaging and shipping are extremely important to our customers. For this reason, our order is handled and packed in the most secure way and 90% of our packaging items and material are eco-friendly with aim of reaching 100% very soon.